December 27, 2006

The Buggle Times: Month 5

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This Tuesday you turned five months old! Where has the time gone? If only pregnancy could have sped by as fast as these last four months have! It’s so amazing how much has changed in one month–I don’t know where to begin!? I guess the most obvious place to start would be with your first Christmas.

Baby’s First Christmas: 2006

You celebrated your first Christmas this week, and while you were more or less clueless as to what was going on, you were still interested. On several occasions in the weeks leading up to the big day Daddy let you play with crinkled up wrapping paper scraps from Momma’s wrapping projects. You loved this! The crinkling and scrunching sounds kept you entertained for several minutes! And that’s quite the accomplishment! Momma bought a fake tree on ebay for one penny and we decorated it together. You sat in your excersaucer and stared at me the whole time as I put the lights, and ornaments on. I would explain to you what I was doing and you would give an occasional squeal of approval. Christmas Eve was spent with Auntie Niki, Auntie Somer and your cousins Skylar & Makayla. You had a great time playing with them, Skylar was tickling your feetsies and you would laugh and give the biggest smiles. Although, Makayla disapproved of your present unwrapping speed, calling you a “slowpoke.” I’ll take some of the blame for that. You have some ground to make up next year! You visited both sets of grand folks on Christmas day, and while you weren’t quite sure of the whole present thing, you entertained us with your cuteness all the same. You could rip the paper off of the gift once it was started, but then once you had a hunk of paper in your little death grip you were no longer interested in anything else. Next Christmas will be a whirlwind compared to this year! The spirit of Christmas will be alive and strong at the Gould household! But, remember–Santa knows if you’ve been bad or good!

For Me?

You had your four month check up on the 27th of November. The nurses all oogled over you and kept saying how cute you are. We can just about guarantee that at least four out of five people that meet you for the first time will make some comment like, “Wow! He has a perfectly shaped head!” We think so, although we would love you just the same if you had a crooked, lopsided or misshaped head! You weighed in just short of 14 pounds, and measured 26 1/2 inches long. That calculated out to the 20th percentile for weight and 90th for length! So clearly you are taking after your Momma’s body type!

You have really begun to find your voice these last couple of weeks. Babbling and talking all the time. It’s amazing how loud you are! Daddy and I just look at each other, laugh, and wonder how such volume can come out of such a little guy! You love to lay nakie on your changing table, lift your legs as high as you possibly can and, for a lack of a better word thwop them down as hard as you can. This makes you so pleased with yourself that you have to shriek in delight. You have a whole pattern down to a science.

It has been a while now that you first discovered your thumbs and fingers but now you have the dexterity to purposefully put them in your mouth on your terms. One night you slept an hour and a half past your normal 3:30 am wake up time, when we finally make it to the chair to feed, you were so hungry that you sucked the poor Momma dry in about three minutes. You pulled off with a smack, gave me a disgusted look as if you were trying to scold me and say, “How could you?!” Then you threw your thumb in your little mouth with such force I thought you were going to gag yourself! All was right with the world with a simple 180 degree turn!

Your feet are your new best friends. It’s a whole new world now that your little toesies can fit in your mouth. I have to admit they are my new best friends too. My latest favorite thing to do is to take your pants and socks off when I feed you because I love to gaze at the little pudgy piggies. You rub your feet together as you blissfully suck away, and make the oddest contortions with your toes I have ever seen. Your little rolly-polly thighs are to die for! It’s the only time in my life that cellulite has put a smile on my face! You have made a game out of playing with your binkie. You can pull it out of your mouth and put it back in again. You turn it all kinds of different ways, in and out. You have really good control as long as you don’t drop it.

Happy Toes!

You are still sleeping like a champ. I hesitate to even write it down in fear of jinxing myself into eternal 2 am hell, but I trust you’ll continue to please the Momma with your rockstar sleeping habits. Your routine really helps you know what is going on, it’s almost second nature to you now. You get your crankiest right after the bath, when I am putting your jammies on. You are very impatient when your dinner is waiting! Daddy says you get that from your Great Grandpop! 🙂

You are still mostly immobile. You can roll over when you want to–on your terms. But you choose not to roll from your back to your tummy. You’ll grab your feet and balance just perfectly on your side, very careful not to tip too far over to the tummy side. Just in the last week you have decided that sitting is not on your agenda anymore. If we try to sit you down on our lap or the couch you stiffen up your legs so tight that it makes it virtually impossible to get you in a sitting position. It’s standing or nothing! You wanna walk so bad! You can stand and hold your weight for a long time all we offer is occasional balance. You’ll take assisted steps and are so pleased when you make it to your goal! It won’t be long before Daddy’s fixing the staircase banister! A mobile Buggle!!! Ahhhh….if we think we’re tired now, I imagine our whole world will soon be upside down!

The biggest advance you have made this month is the realization that you can control your own environment. You are so funny, when you get annoyed you do this half cry half wine thing that I can’t even explain. It’s like you’re trying to say, “Hey! People I’m annoyed and bored here, can we do something better?” One day when you were doing this Daddy started laughing at you and you thought that was the funniest thing! You went from an all out wail to sheer delight! So that has been our latest game with you, and works (so far) every time!

Bunches of love,



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