December 23, 2006

Big Boy!

Posted in Buggle Bite, Motherhood at 9:00 pm by Momma

Tonight the fam and I went to a Christmas party with people I work with. My co-worker, affectionately named “Dryer Girl” by Daddy has two adorable daughters, Zoe and Anna. Zoe is four and Anna almost two and Aidan was fascinated with them both. Zoe was running around and Anna was trying her hardest to keep up with her stubby little toddler legs. Aidan was so fascinated! He would jerk around a squeal in excitement, almost as if he was saying, “Hey, Hey, friends wait for me!” If his little legs would have permitted he would have been racing along with them.

It was so cute to see him so interested in other children. You can tell he really is studying them. “…okay, hmmm, little people, but they’re still bigger than me, but the littlest one one isn’t quite as fast as the bigger one…hmmm, how can I get over there….” SO CUTE! They would come over by him and tickle his feet and his eyes would get so big and his little arms would flail about in excitement.

“The CHICKS dig me!!! Yeah, that’s right I am pretty cute!”

Hate to break it to you Buddy, but by the time you are all in high school they’ll be the “older girls” and outta your league! Sorry Bud!


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  1. Auntie Manda said,

    Out of his league? Not bloody likely…he even has a good baseball birthday! What more could an older gal want? 🙂

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