December 19, 2006

Three Blissful Years!

Posted in Nugget, Parenting at 9:15 pm by Momma

December 20th! Daddy and I’s three year anniversary! Although, we have been together nearly eleven–I can’t even believe it! The time has really flown by, we have experienced so much together over the years. Traveling to Hawaii, Mexico, Europe, graduating college, buying a boat, buying a house, and best of all having the most beautiful baby together. The Buggle is the perfect blend of his Momma and Daddy. Even though it has been nearly five months one of us still comments on a daily basis how we can’t believe he’s here and how much we love our life, our baby, and each other. How the world ever turned without that little boy I’ll never know! Our whole world has changed since his arrival things that were so important to us before seem so trivial now. Now we are so excited to talk about the new “trick” Bugs is working on, even his poop is discussed in great detail! I’ve been asked several times how we are going to celebrate the anniversary. Dinner? Quiet time together? Gifts? Honestly, there is nothing more than I’d rather do than cuddle up as a family in bed and watch the Buggle laugh and smile! That feeling I get from spending time with my family can’t be bought, or unwrapped.

So I say to Daddy on this three year anniversary, “I love you more and more each day, thank you for being a wonderful husband, an amazing Daddy, and the best friend anyone could ask for! Happy Anniversary, Baby–I love you!”

Now for a little trip down memory lane:

Senior Prom: May 1998

Senior Prom



  1. james gould said,

    i must admit it has been a well planned road you have traveled for eleven years. i doubt it would be easy to find another couple that has made it look so easy, and perfect.

  2. Auntie Manda said,

    The life you and Casey have shared is truly an inspiration. Your story offers much hope to all who have struggled with love, happiness and peace. I love you both very much (and Buggle too!) and wish you many more wonderful years together!

  3. Mr. J. Renfro said,

    I finally am leaving a comment. I just wanted to tell you and you blog contingent that I love you and you’re an amazing mother. It is hard to believe that it has only been three years since everyone was all together in Hawaii. Well happy anniversary…3 years I think that is the tin foil anniversary so don’t get overwhelmed when you get your beautiful hand crafted tin foil ring tonight.

  4. laura said,

    Congrats, Jen. Not only do our babies look alike, we’re nearly the same age! In ’98 I was a nineth grader!

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