December 18, 2006

Soon to be–Best Buds

Posted in Buggle Bite, Parenting at 9:26 pm by Momma

The Little Buggle finally met his buddy Everett this weekend. With ever conflicting napping and feeding schedules it has been very difficult to coordinate a play date time that worked well for both of us. Aidan is nine days older than Everett, although you would never be able to tell! Gestationally, they are exactly the same age–Everett’s Mommy and I both were induced two weeks early. The Buggle has never seen a baby his age before. He was in a daze for the first few minutes. He just stared at his football jammies! I think Buggle was a little jealous because baby Everett has the “good baseball birthday!” He has been hearing about it since he was in the womb!

Stare Down!

You can really tell that Everett is used to lots of different people coming in and out. With five aunties all doting over him from day one the party was like another day at home. Where as the Buggle was very interested in all that was going on, constantly looking around to see all the new faces. Both were very good, neither cried or had any major melt downs.

I’m sure they’ll have lots of fun together in the coming years. All the hell their Daddy’s raised together is bound to continue to the next generation–bad birthday and all!




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