December 17, 2006

Operation: Night on The Town

Posted in Buggle Bite, Parenting at 8:48 pm by Momma

Such a busy weekend we have had! Holiday parties, cookie exchanges, and play dates! Momma’s three day weekend zoomed by in the blink of an eye. So last night the Buggle had his very first babysitter. Our neighbor’s daughter came over after the Buggle was fast away in dreamland, and Mommy and Daddy had their first adult evening in almost five months! Of course as the day progressed yesterday my anxiety level rose. Add that to our ever annoying snow/drive way situation and that was enough for a nervous breakdown! As the day went along I kept thinking of the “not so perfect” things I did as a teenage babysitter. Talking on the phone for hours, only playing Candyland four times, not five, getting a little to focused on the Saved By The Bell marathon, no need to go on… So of course I want to make sure the Buggle’s night time routine is carried out with precision detail–make that military precision detail! I’m talking down to the number of lulabye’s sang before closing the door. Well, good ole mother nature had another plan for the evening. Around 7:00 while the Buggle commencing the first step in the routine: nakie time, the lights flicker. No big deal, they weren’t even off for a second. So after setting out his jammies, towel, washcloth, and pamper I go to fill his little tub. I pull the water spout and instead of the normal steady stream of warm water I get an ear-piercing, machine gun-like spray of water for two seconds before the pipes went dry. What in the hell is going on? After checking every other faucet related fixture in the house we realized that the power surge must have shut down the pump that pumps the water up our hellish hill. Anxiety level at this point is nearing, “psycho crazy chick.” There is no way I am leaving this precious baby without executing the main task in his night time routine. So, luckily I had just went to the store and bought a new case of water. So Daddy and I proceeded to fill our largest pot with bottled water, waited for it to boil and poured it into the baby tub, added more bottled water to get it to the perfect temperature, and finally the Buggle got his tubby-time! The rest of the night went off without a hitch and he was sawing logs by 8:15.

Daddy and I had a great time at the party. Mommy laughed harder than she had laughed in a very long time, thanks to some very interesting clothing items of Auntie Seimeen’s! In case you were wondering nursing boobs do NOT look sexy in a bright red lace up holiday bustier!

Anyway, I was very proud of myself–and for the record I only left five phone numbers, and our address!


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  1. grandma Fava said,

    Its nice that you both got out together for some fun!!
    You deserve it! love you mom

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