December 13, 2006

More Over the Top Mommy-ness

Posted in Buggle Bite, Motherhood at 8:44 pm by Momma

I’m sure getting a lot of feedback on Aidan & Jasmine’s latest photo shoot. I have to agree, and not just because he’s my beautiful baby boy, that they are the cutest, most adorable pictures ever taken–in the whole entire existence of the world! Okay, maybe that’s just the Momma talkin’! The ironic thing is that we really didn’t pose them. Grammy Barbie set the stage with the back drop, I sat the little Buggle down, and Lar sat Jasmine (zonked out, of course) next to him and that really was all the posing we did. I bet between me, Larissa, and Grammy we took over 100 photos, and I don’t even want to know how many times we squealed in delight, and said the words: cute, adorable, and painful! As the cameras snapped away the kiddos almost melted into each other. It was near the Buggle’s bed time, and he was obviously oblivious to his irresistible cuteness, and he just started drifting off to dreamland, and finally his bald little punkin’ head toppled over onto her’s. The progression of the pictures from awake to completely zonked would make a hilarious flip book!

In other news: Aidan Claus Christmas cards have been mailed–watch your mailboxes Holiday Cheer is coming your way!

Jasmine & Aidan Claus Encore



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