December 7, 2006

Second Date!

Posted in Buggle Bite at 9:02 pm by Momma

The little Buggle is a real ladies man! He and Jasmine had their second date tonight, and it was no different than the first–she slept right through it! Aidan was very curious and would stare at her and then he would start flailing his little arms and legs in excitement. Mommy had to hold the Buggle’s hands back several times and tell him that it’s not nice to hit a lady! Jasmine slept soundly through the Buggle’s squeals of excitement and grunts of displeasure when he had decided he’d had enough! Maybe next time Jasmine will wake up for the occasion!

Hey Mom! She’s Cute!



  1. lnellis said,

    Jen you are hilarious!!!!!!!! Rita & I got such a kick out of your photos, and comments!! Too funny………WE LOVE IT, and Gramma Rita says keep em’ coming=) Instead of “Days of our Lives”, it is “Waiting for the DAY Jasmine opens her eyes!”

  2. Auntie Manda said,

    Aidan has good taste. And little Jasmine is playing hard to get…good for her! 🙂

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