December 4, 2006

Practice Makes…

Posted in Buggle Bite, Parenting at 9:30 pm by Momma

Perfect…? You crazy…? I haven’t decided which. Some of you may know that Daddy and I recently babysat (for three days and nights!) a two-and-a-half year old boy for my co-worker who needed to go out of town. Let me begin by saying, “For 2 1/2 he was much easier than we anticipated!” He was however, very busy! He LOVED the stairs, and we have yet to put the all the spindles back up to the railing. So you can imagine I was panicking every time he popped this little head out of the tippy top. Not only do we have only half of them up, but the ones that we do have up are no where near the recommended 1 3/4 inches safety code. I kept envisioning him falling head first to the floor. And as there is no reasoning with a two year old he didn’t understand me telling him that, Jen is very scared that you will plummet to the floor below, crack open your noggin and have to go to the doctor and get a big shot! And that I do not have a cleaning product that claims to remove blood from my carpet! He just ran right back up the stairs, stuck his little head out from in between the two remaining spindles and gave a big smile!

Things we learned we need to do to the house before the Buggle becomes mobile:

  1. Obviously, fix the staircase.
  2. Get some sort of gate or general corralling device.
  3. Apply waterproof mattress pads to the beds.
  4. Get kid friendly dishes and cups.
  5. Get bath toys.
  6. Get some sort of gate or general corralling device. Wait? Did I mention that already?
  7. Remove all plants, photo albums, candy dishes, vases or any other item that when thrown will crash through our picture windows.
  8. Install a shelf to place Daddy’s precious Nautilus shells from Greece on.

Because after all, practice makes perfect! (Okay, maybe a little bit crazy too!)


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  1. Brenda Christensen said,

    Hey thank you for watching the little ones!!! I thought you might learn a few things with that experience. I am surprised to read that your house is still in one piece.., hanging by threads I am sure, but Kayden is in one piece and Aiden tooo! Great job!! I have some goodies for you in my office when you return! thanks a bundle!! the Christensens!!

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