November 26, 2006

The Buggle Times: Months 1-4

Posted in Buggle Times at 9:43 pm by Momma

Borrowing another fabulous idea from dooce.

Today you turn four months old! Momma has slacked for the first three months of entries into “The Buggle Times,” but sometime when you are older and have your own child you will understand. I will try to catch up:

Month One:

Mommy and Daddy are so thrilled that you are finally here! It seemed like time stood still waiting for your arrival! I remember the first time I saw you, and your poor little beat up head. It looked like you went a few rounds in the boxing ring. Bruises on your little noggin, and a “subcranial hemorrhage” (broken blood vessels in your eyes). Even so your coloring was amazing and you were so alert. You stared at Daddy for over forty minutes, it was adorable. We both were so amazed as to how cute you were. We said to each other, “I know all parents think their kids are cute, but damn he really is cute!” When we brought you home I was overwhelmed with all the things that were my new life. Daddy had one day home with us and then was back on the water and if anyone brought that topic up Mommy’s eyes would fill with tears. From day one you were such a good baby. Nothing pissed you off, you just went with the flow. Your sleeping habits needed some adjusting though! You were on Mommy’s awake all night to itch program. After about six weeks you knew day from night and were sleeping along with this hemisphere.

New Family

Month Two:

Our family is back together again! Daddy is done working and you are really enjoying having special time with him. You love playing and “training” with him in the mornings. You are so happy in the morning. It’s amazing what a good twelve hours of sleep and a full tummy does! We are slowing getting into a routine with you and you seem to love it. You had your first shots this month and were a rock star! You fussed a tiny bit at the very end, but for the most part you were a trooper. Momma asked the doctor a zillion questions to the point where she finally responded: “Well, it’s obvious that you read a great deal.” If that’s not a sign to say, “Shut up already, I have other patients!”

You smiled your first real, I’m happy smile, not the fake I’m smiling but it doesn’t mean anything smile. Daddy and I could sit and watch you smile all day long! Your personality is really beginning to develop. In such a short amount of time you have blossomed in to a little person. It never ceases to amaze me that for how little you are how you manage to run the entire house! When I sleep, if I sleep, when we go to the store, when we eat, when and if I shower…One thing is for sure: You’re The Boss!

You took your first plane ride this month. You were largely unimpressed.

First Plane Ride

You munched on a little snack and then zonked out for 90% of the flight. You visited Daddy’s side of the family in Oregon and Auntie Manda in Seattle. Everyone wanted to relish in all that is Aidan Buggle, you were passed around to everyone! This was the first time that you really showed you knew who your Mommy and Daddy were. When someone else would hold you, you would lock your eyes on one of us and follow our every move! So cute!

You’ve also become quite the chatter box. Cooing and jabbering to all your animal friends and mobile. Daddy and I are thankful everyday to have such a happy baby! We are so lucky!

Month Three:

You have really gotten strong! You can stand for long stretches and not even tire! You can hold your large noggin up like a champ, it’s hard to believe just a few months ago that was an enormous challenge. Unless you are in the perfect mood you still, for the most part, dislike tummy time. Although, now that it is easier for you to hold your head up you will tolerate a much longer stretch than you used to! You rolled over for the first time this month! We were so happy and excited for you! The look on your face when you came right side up again was priceless: it was a look of shock and disbelief. I will remember that always! Mommy was so scared that you would roll over for the first time while she was at work that she made Daddy promise that he wouldn’t practice rolling over with you unless I was home!

You have gotten so tall this month! Such a little weed! You must get that from Daddy because lord knows the height gene did not come from me! When we first put you in your exersaucer you needed two thick cookbooks under your feet to touch and now you can stand on your own without any recipes under your feetsies.

Cookbooks!So Tall!

You are so cute when you nurse. You have started this game where you pull away really fast after you have been eating for a few minutes and then you look up at me stunned for a second or two. It looks as if you are thinking, “Hey! You’re still here! Goody!” Then your are so pleased with yourself you give the most adorable gummy smile I have ever seen. Baby smiles–they make getting up in the middle of the night totally worth it!

Bunches of Love,

PS: I apologize in advance for the shots you have to get tomorrow.


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