November 25, 2006

Aidan Jump Up

Posted in Buggle Bite at 12:33 pm by Momma

All of the commotion from Thanksgiving really took a toll on the Buggle! Thursday night he went to bed at his normal time and woke up for his middle of the night feeding a hour and a half earlier than usual. But honestly, is there much of a difference if it’s 2 am or 3:30? We proceeded with our normal routine of a clean diaper then his mid-night snack. It was when we headed back to bed that he decided that he’d rather stay up and hang out. Great! Momma couldn’t be more pleased with this decision. We played in his crib with his toys, read stories, practiced rolling over and various other methods I’ve affectionately named, “Will you hurry up and tire out already, please!” Nearly three hours later he’s still bright eyed and bushy tailed, and Momma not so much–Daddy’s turn! Daddy gets up and takes him downstairs and plays with him. They both come back to bed around 5:20. We all sleep until the Buggle wakes up at his regularly scheduled time of 7:10. Oh, goody! All day yesterday his routine was off and he was the Ultimate Cranky Fussy Pants! Mommy and Daddy were both running on empty trying to please our little prince. He never all out cried or screamed bloody murder, it was just a continual: uhhhhhhh, errrrr, eeeeeee! A few times we would find something that would catch his attention for six to seven seconds, long enough for him to realize that, “Yes, people I am still annoyed and gonna be a pill!” Right around the witching hour of 6 pm Mommy was digging through the closet searching for toys he’s never seen before and I find his Johnny Aidan Jump Up. Well, it’s worth a try! I put him in his crib where the screaming commenced as I installed the jump up to the door way. I put him in it and wait and see what happens. That’s what we do a lot, wait and see what happens. On less than 5 hours of sleep if the house hasn’t burned down and the baby’s not sticking metal objects in the light sockets the day is considered a success! His reaction to the Jump Up was something of confusion, we could tell he was interested enough to pay attention, but not enough to be overly thrilled. I call Daddy upstairs and we sit and wait for Cranky Fussy Pants to return. Thankfully, he never did!


The funniest thing about the Jump Up was that his little toy in the front had lights and played music when he hit certain buttons. One of the songs was a funky little jingle with a little girl that shouted way to enthusiastically, “Come On Jump! This is Fun!” Maybe next time he’ll listen to her!


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