November 21, 2006

What’s That Sound?

Posted in Nugget at 12:45 pm by Momma

This morning I was getting ready for work in the upstairs bathroom when I heard and felt something vibrating under my feet. It sounded exactly like Aidan’s bee. This is a special bee that when you flex the purple wing it vibrates “to stimulate healthy gums.” Thanks, Auntie Manda! Knowing The Buggle was downstairs with Daddy, I went to investigate what the bee was laying on to make it perpetually vibrate on its own. I went into his room and the bee was laying perfectly still in the middle of his crib. Hmmm? Where the heck is that coming from? I search his mounds of electronic gadgetry to no avail. Oh, well back to getting ready. As I was brushing my teeth the vibrations grew stronger–okay enough’s enough! What the hell is making that sound? AH HA!!!! I go into my room, turn on the light and there is a portly Beagle laying on her bed SNORING so loud that she is vibrating the bathroom floor!!! According to Daddy she too wanted to contribute to the website! Here you go Brissers a whole entry about you!


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