November 19, 2006

Serving and Protecting

Posted in Nugget at 10:13 pm by Momma

This is by far the most snow I have seen in Sitka in all my winters living here. It just won’t stop snowing. We haven’t tried to drive up our hill in a week. We’ve been parking at the bottom and hiking up. In all honesty hiking up and down a slippery icy hill three times a day is a great way to loose the baby weight, but I’d much rather drive myself to the top and keep my socks dry!

These guys are keeping themselves occupied during the snow storm:

Daily Sitka Sentinel: Friday, November 17, 2006

Police Blotter: At 10:51 am a man reported someone had build an “anatomically correct” snowman at the school bus stop at Seward and Observatory streets. The man said his wife had disassembled the figure.

Can you believe this guy called the cops for this? On one hand I am greatful that I live in a town where things like this make the blotter and not real crime, but come on buddy–honestly did you need to call the cops for this one? Find a hobby!


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  1. bythesea said,

    I love the blotter–not live for–but love the blotter. Entertainment value: 10. Ding! And, thanks for the ins-pire-ation for the bloggage, Love, Dryer Girl

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