November 18, 2006

Rockin’ And A Rollin’

Posted in Video at 10:24 pm by Momma

Eight days shy of his four month birthday and the little Buggle rolls over!!! I can’t believe how big he has gotten in just four short months! It brought tears to my eyes! Where did my little baby go? Enjoy!




  1. grandma Fava said,

    That’s my boy!!!! That made me cry, he is so big now!!
    I love you Aidan, Grandma Fava


    Hi Honey,
    Wow you are getting so good at this, and “OUR” BOY is sure growning,he is soooo cute, Wish I was closer so I could hug him,
    good you got that mcfee fix, I have one in my files, had it on comp had lots problems n was told with my AOl I didn’t need itso deleted it…. over year ago.. I went also DSL first of the month with A T &T I use it for my isp but then click over to AOL lol… I just don’t understand how to do things on that ha. and now AOL. is free to me if I have an isp so trying it, if don’t work then I just go back to good ol AOL lol…
    It makes me so happy to get e-mail from you on you and the baby… HEY ARIZONA IS NICE LOL… was cloudy this morning but sun is shinning now haha, and we don’t get that “white stuff”….. let u keep it , have friend that keeps trying to send m e his “white stuff, noooo send it cod ot another lol….
    Going to Roberts for Thanksgiving, no need to cook for just us,
    Hear Jed is down at his m om, n his girl friend is pg lol we see…
    Looking for my vacation in Jan to Panama (where its warmin the 80″s) should be fun..
    Well honey thank you for the email, hugs n kisses love u all up there. gma Little

  3. G. G. Gould said,

    Good job Adain. Hard work but you did it. love ggDot

  4. Brenda Christensen said,

    congrats little man.., that’s just half the battle. Now you have to start crawling and drive momma and daddy nuts!! and their little dog too!
    Good job!! Whenever we get Mykeah up there she can show you a few tricks too.., like banging mommys tv. screen! Hah hah!! bye

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