November 15, 2006

Merry Christmas?

Posted in Buggle Bite at 8:49 pm by Momma

Well, it’s official we are in the dead of winter! We have at least three feet, yes feet not inches, of snow on the ground! It was so blustery and nasty this afternoon when I was driving home that I couldn’t see more than 30 feet in front of me. This time last year we had record rain, which I much prefer–landslides and all. It’s funny how you forget how crappy the winters are here until about day light savings time when the dark hits an hour earlier, then you begin to ask yourself, “Why the hell do I live here, again?” Daddy keeps asking me if Texas is looking any better to me now. He’s convinced we need to move there so the Buggle can be a big time football hero. I do like country music and warm weather, but I doubt Texas will ever be the answer! A few too many “Yee-Haw’s” and “Howdy Partner’s” for me. (Sorry Seimeen!) Unfortunately, according to the weather forecast there is no snow reprieve in sight. There’s nothing more depressing than clicking on the extended forecast and seeing snow in the forecast for each day! Ugh! Snow day anyone?

This oughta make you smile:

Nite Nite


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