November 13, 2006

Part Two: Change of Plans

Posted in Nugget at 9:52 pm by Momma

Continuing the virus software saga…After receiving the number for US tech support from my good buddy “John,” I tried calling the 800 number he gave me. Of course I needed to call “during normal business hours” so I waited to call again until my day off on Friday. I call his number and a lady without an accent answers the phone and informs me that this is the”customer service” number, not tech support, and she’d be glad to transfer me. So I am transferred to another lady with an accent who proceeds to tell me that she too is not tech support, but I can go to their website and do a virtual chat with tech support “24 hours a day seven days a week, for your convenience.”

“Isn’t there a phone number I can call for help?”

“Yes, however it is not a toll free number. It is $2.99 per minute, BUT you get the first two minutes free!”

“Damn, if that’s not the best bargain I have heard of all day.”

I hang up and try my luck at the virtual chat. The only problem is that I have to have the software downloaded on my computer to access the chat, but here’s the kicker: I can’t get onto the Internet to access the chat line with the software loaded. What a deal! I can always call “John” back for $2.99 a minute! UGH!

After explaining my frustration to my friend she offers her smarty-pants IT husband’s services to me for only $1.99 a minute, with the first ten minutes free!

I gladly accepted his services only if he promised to speak in a thick accent and call me a different “J” name each time he refers to me. The deal was set!

They arrived Sunday night, with an accent the sounded more Russian than anything else. Once in the pilot seat he went to work hacking away at my conflicting firewalls. He comes back downstairs about 40 minutes later and we all head upstairs to see the progress. Yippee it’s fixed! Thanks, Russian dollar ninety-nine man!

They leave an all is good with the world again, well not really. I had to reboot my computer and then the software kept over riding the new commands putting me back to square one again! ERRR! Again I uninstall the program, this time for good and with a few choice words! Install, a fabulous FREE virus software created by German’s. With their attention to detail, you know it’s gotta be good!

Things have been working fabulously ever since! And, I complained via email to McAfee and my “refund will appear on my credit card statement within 3-5 business days!” The squeaky wheel gets the grease!!!


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  1. Unc E said,

    Oi Vey..this sounds like a slightly embellished story, but in fact its all too common these days with paid software.
    I have been using the above blogged “fabulous free virus software” since 2002 with no issues.

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