November 4, 2006

Clearing Things Up

Posted in Nugget at 10:47 pm by Momma

Responding to emails and various comments on this site:

“Who’s the naked toddler?”

That would be Aidan’s God Brother, Tayce.  Or more affectionately known as “Tater.”

“Where did ‘Buggle’ come from?”

There is a nursery rhyme called Snuggle Buggle, and since he is so darn snugly he quickly got the nickname: Buggle!

“Why does he have that thing in his mouth in all his pictures?”

He has a mother who dresses him up in a Halloween costume that is five sizes too big, piles stuffed animals on top of him, and blinds him at least seven times a day with the camera flash; the only thing keeping him content is that “thing!!!”

“Why aren’t there any pictures of you and Aidan?”

Mostly because 99% of the time I am the one taking the pictures!

I’m Happy!


Mom, it was a blue, two door Datsun with a silver/white stripe on the side!



  1. james gould said,

    personally i like that thing in his mouth

  2. grandma Fava said,

    No the car was a truck! Ford Courier!! It got stollen 2 times and we got it back both times. Love you mom

  3. G. G. Gould said,

    what a happy smile.ggdot

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