October 20, 2006

We Have an Understanding…

Posted in Buggle Bite at 8:13 pm by Momma

Over the last few weeks Aidan has really developed a little personality. He is so much more expressive, cooing and telling stories in a language that can only be described as a mix of Chinese and Pig Latin. He recognizes Mommy and Daddy, and lets us know when he’s had enough interaction with others. He is beginning to realize that he runs the show! Vocalizing his various unpleasantries at which ever activity we might have chosen for the minute. He has yet to sleep in his crib, but since it is filled with many fun toys and noise makers he seems to really enjoy just laying in there and gazing googly-eyed at the many battery guzzling contraptions. You might think that with all that electronic fun, he would really be enamoured with his Puppers. Not the case! I can only guess that they have an unspoken understanding that they pretend the other doesn’t exist. I imagine Bristol will be calling for a renegotiation of terms in about six months when Aidan is heaving Cheerio’s off his highchair tray!

I don’t See You!


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