October 19, 2006

He’s Famous

Posted in Nugget at 2:14 pm by Momma

Well it looks like Aidan’s website will be a success! He’s already had over 150 hits! Last night Aidan slept like a rock star. We started his normal bedtime routine last night at 8:00. Which consists of his tubby time, jammies, and dinner. He was ZONKED by 8:20! He slept uninterrupted until 4:00 this morning!!! He woke up, got a fresh diaper and a full belly and crashed again in Mommy and Daddy’s bed where we ALL slept uninterrupted until 9:30!



Aidan is most playful and happy in the mornings. Most mornings Daddy gets up with the little Buggle and “trains” him with his various toys. This morning was no exception, except Mommy joined in on the fun! Most mornings this occurs at the wee-hours and Mommy is still sleeping. First, Aidan started out on his mat when he commenced his leg workout. Then, we moved to his exersaucer where he spun around playing with his favorite toys.


After all this playing it was time for a little break. Daddy sat him in his bouncy seat to let him relax. Perfect opportunity for a shower, says Mommy! Once I got to the top of the stairs I hear Daddy shouting, “Not It” from the TV room. Daddy was just initiated into the “not it” game. For those of you not familiar with the game, patented by Auntie Manda. Whenever the little one goes number 2, whoever hears first shouts “not it” to get out of diaper duty. At least it was before my shower, I guess…


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