October 18, 2006

Okay, Okay!!!

Posted in Nugget at 11:10 pm by Momma

Well, within the matter of minutes I had TWO comments on my color selection for Aidan’s claim to fame. Mommy happens to like pink, okay! However, I do agree it doesn’t scream: “Little Man in Training!” So, you win!  Alas, no more pink!


  1. Liam said,

    Boo! Boo I say! Let your little man in training wear pink? I mean, what century are we living in, really? I say tell whoever told you that to keep their sexist gender roll crap to themselves.

    On a less confrontational note, great blog! and great idea! (Although there sure is a lot of blue…) I’ll try to stalk you guys often. I mean, look at the blog. Yes.

    Gros bissous!


  2. james gould said,

    just checked with the “team”. not sure what they all said, but it sounded like blue was the color of choice.
    nice job jen

  3. G. G. Gould said,

    Has. A.J. Gould made out his invitations for his teammates for T-ball in 6 years? Has the luncheon for messers Overturf, Bartiloba, Oleymiller, Frisky, and Wathan been set yet? Does Dad Casey have a menu? Will the chef bar-b-que?

    Since I can not make the luncheon, I would like a full report on the givings and misgivings of the meal. Who drools the most? Who cries the most? Who P’s, P’s, naps and eats the most often? Should be a great parthy.

    Gr. Granddad Bill

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